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questofhealth's Journal

Health Quest: Teaching the Benifits of Food
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Teaches about Specific Foods and Nutrients


questofhealth is a new community about Health!
+Each Week I will Post a New Topic and all posts for the week should be relevant to that topic. (ie: Food that Keeps the Brain Sharp; Foods that Fight Cancer, etc)
+If you have an idea for a good topic please post it in the post HERE and I will get to it as soon as possible!
+The basic point of this community is to learn about how different foods are good for different reasons.
+We are accepting of people on all different types of diets. Whether you don't eat meat, do eat meat, don't eat carbs, etc You will find this community helpful to you

1)I will post a NEW topic EVERY WEEK. Your posts should be relevant to the week's topic, or to the couple weeks befores topics. Meaning: dont just post random info
2)Do Not Tag your entries, I will go back and tag them based on what topic they are about.
3) BE NICE!! If you don't like what someone posts then just skip over it. Everyone has different tastes in food and you will not find every post helpful for your current needs. Its okay.
4) You MAY promote your community here IF it deals with food, nutrition, health, anything on the same topic as this community. But please only post a promo once. The main focus of this community isnt for you to promote yours.
5)Off-Topic Posts will be deleted! Intro Posts are acceptable though!
6)You may contact me on my own Journal/Email if you have a question. I want to make this community as user friendly as possible!
7) Please don't delete, screen, or disable comments!

None ATM but if you want to be affiliated please let me know.


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